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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

There's been a lot of great photos of orchids on our Facebook pages but I realise not everybody has access to this so I thought I would put some of them on here.

Melissa Hinton posted the photo below and said Hello, thanks for adding me to the page. It has been my lockdown challenge to start to learn plant ID.

I took this photo at Bishop Middlam Quarry on Wednesday. I believe it's a common spotted orchid, but it was much much smaller. Maybe only 10-15 cm high.

Rooky question - Do they have variations in size?

Thats my thumb in the photo and the spotted leaf in the background belongs to the flower. Many thanks.

Photo: Melissa Hinton of a Common Spotted Orchid

Steve Evans posted several pictures from Pittington Hills

Finally found a Frog Orchid just going over, also a dozen & a half of our faves Bee Orchid. Couldn’t see Pyramidal or Scented which we’ve had in previous years.

Last week in Weardale we saw what I think are Heath Spotted Orchids

Photo: Steve Evans of a Hybrid Orchid

Photo: Steve Evans of a Frog Orchid

Photo: Steve Evans of a Bee Orchid

Photo: Steve Evans of a Heath Spotted Orchid

John Durkin posted his first Pyramidal Orchid of the year

Photo: John Durkin of a Pyramidal Orchid

John Storey has some Common Twayblade after an undercover mission 100m into County Durham!

Photo: John Storey of a Common Twayblade

And finally Mike Hunter could only find one Lesser Twayblade in flower in a two-hour search in Upper Teesdale. Pushing phone camera to the max I managed to this image.

Photo: Mike Hunter of a Lesser Twayblade

Thank You everybody!

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