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Rainton's dragons, hovers and 2 new plants?

I go to Rainton Meadows a good bit, well certainly before lockdown, and I popped over there this week. To be honest I go either for a meeting or to look at the birds and invertebrates. I hardly look at the plants as it has been botanised so much over the years.

On the botany group Facebook page in April I remember some discussion about the sites for Dyer’s greenweed (Genista tinctoria) as part of a proposed reintroduction scheme but I don't know if it happened. Anyway while checking on hoverflies in the meadow by pond one, I found a big clump of it. I certainly don't remember seeing it here before and there's no records on the BSBI database for it.

Dyer’s greenweed (Genista tinctoria)

A little later at Joe's Pond photographing Dragonflies I noticed some Fool's Water-cress (Helosciadium nodiflorum). Again I don't remember seeing it here and again no records on the database.

Fool's Water-cress (Helosciadium nodiflorum)

So it just goes to show what is still lurking around even at the most visited sites but have not been recorded before.

Now this is where you to tell me you've seen them here previously.

Despite the above I did manage a gew photgraphs of some invertebrates

Some Hoverflies

Scaeva pyrastri

Leucozona glaucia

Myathropa florea

Chrysotoxum bicinctum

And some Dragon and Damselflies


Four-spotted Chaser

Broad-bodied Chaser

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Azure Damselfly

And the Scaup was still on pond 2 but sound asleep,

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