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Socially Distancing Botany - Give it a try

If you can you should get out for some fresh air and exercise, even if you are by yourself.

I did this today and in the spring sunshine with Skylarks singing, several species of bee buzzing away, everything seemed OK with the world.

Here are a few of the things I saw but myself and many others would love to see what what you found while doing a bit of socially distancing botany.

So please let us know either by posting on Facebook (I’ll copy it to the blog on the website as well ) or you can email me direct at with what you saw and any pictures of course would be great.

If you don’t know what something is, even if it’s that little weed in the garden, hopefully someone will know what it is so send us a photo of it. Go on let us know what you are seeing.

I did a little circular walk from the house, no more than a couple of miles and there were a nice selection of plants in flower.

Wavy Bittercress. Usually bigger than it’s close relative the Hairy Bittercress. You can just about see the wavy stem in the picture

Lesser Celandine trying to confuse you by hiding most of its round, marbly leaves under a mass of Cow Parsley

Blackthorn now in full flower, you can see the sepals are not bent back.

Unlike Cherry-plum with its large flowers and reflexed sepals wigs has virtually finished flowering now.

Thats a few of the things I had but what about you?

Keith Robson

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