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They taste gorgeous

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Emma Smith sent the following on our sister Facebook page.

Found these wild strawberries in Bollihope (Washpool) Quarry yesterday whilst out climbing. They were absolutely tiny (that's my [very small] pinky finger in the photo).

Only noticed them because they were shining in the sun, a carpet of them dotted around the short, sheep grazed grass.

Photo: Emma Smith

Some of the group confirmed wild strawberries taste gorgeous, There were too many sheep around for Emma to risk trying.

Did you know? The similar looking Barren Strawberry also produces fruits, despite its name but these are very small and hard and almost like a nut. To separate them in flower, Barren has a small notch on each petal and the petals have gaps between them where as Wild Strawberries petals slight ly overlap each other.. The toothed leaves are slighty different too. Wild has the tooth at the tip of the leaf longer than the ones on either side as can be seen in Emma's photo. Barrren Strawberry has this tooth shorter.

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