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Thursday 23rd January

Another mild, sunny day... more to come? A good number of us, including Peter who joined us for the first time, enjoyed similar weather up on Herrington Hill, with delightful views from the top - but the sheep had nibbled the vegetation so much that the plants were left in tiny fragments.

Anyway, that simply added to the challenge of vegetative identification, aided by copies of the new, second edition of John Poland's amazing book. You can find it online.

It took a lot of time to follow the keys, so we had a short list of species, but we....

were convinced that we had accurate identificationbecame more confident in using the keysspotted ways to identify more quickly without the full keyssaw far more features of the plants than seen when using flowers to identifyrealised that this book is an essential piece of botanising kit all year roundenjoyed the experience and learned a great deal.

So thank you to authors John Poland and Eric Clement for an excellent guide that we will be using on future trips this year....

[Photos by Peter Allen]

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